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Model NCZ, One-Way Clutch Unit

Adoption of metal spring presents a secured lock function and possible operation under high temperature conditions. (Ref. catalog "One-Way Clutches" CAT. No. 7016/E etc.)

Model NCUX, Narrow Width One-Way Clutch Unit

Reduced-width saves space. It contributes to a compact and light weight design by eliminating the cage, using a metal spring and reducing the width dimension as much as possible. (Ref. catalog "One-Way Clutches" CAT. No. 7016/E etc.)

Combined Products with One-Way Clutches

IUnited deep groove ball bearings and one-way clutch. (Ref. catalog "One-Way Clutches" CAT. No. 7016/E etc.)

Torque Limiter Unit (Spring Type)

There products improve functions of office machine such as laser printers, copying and facsimile machines. By making use of the binding force to the inner ring by the coil spring, the unit controls the torque. The unit can also be joined with external parts.

Two-Way Clutch Unit

Two-way clutch automatically changes the clutch direction according to the rotating direction of input. Sprags with symmetrical left and right sections are held in the doubled inside and outside cages, then the clutch unit performs perfect clutching function according to the rotation direction of the torque input. (Ref. catalog "Automotive Products Guide Book" CAT. No. 8021/J etc.)

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