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August 7, 2008

Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare awards prize to NTN for safety and health excellence

NTN Mikumo Co., Ltd., a bearing manufacturing subsidiary of NTN Corporation (NTN), has been given an outstanding performance award as an excellent facility ensuring a safe working environment in fiscal 2008 by Japan's Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

This award is presented to excellent facilities or enterprises that have achieved outstanding safety and health performance and serve as a model to others.It is also made to persons who devoted themselves for many years to improve safety and health.

The award was given to NTN Mikumo Co., Ltd. because of its high level of safety management, such as its lengthy record of no serious injuries. NTN Mikumo's excellent performance in ensuring a safe workplace environment through risk assessment and secure implementation of counter measures is highly appreciated.

NTN is encouraged by this award and will further enhance its safety and health activities.

[Reference] NTN Mikumo Co., Ltd.

Head office : 750-1, Onoe-cho, Matuzaka-city, Mie Award
President : Mamoru Kishi
Established : November 1988
Capital : 450 million yen
Business scope : Manufacture of needle roller bearings, constant velocity joint parts, and other
No serious injury record : 16 years and 6 months as of July 24, 2008
Award history : National Safety and Health Week Advance Award (1995)
Comfortable Workplace Promotion Facility Certificate (1998)
National Safety and Health Week Outstanding Performance Award (1999)

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