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March 6, 2008

Contribution to high-resolution of office equipments and
energy saving of rotational control equipments

Development of “Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor”

SNR sensor and NTN packaging technologies are blended

NTN Corporation, jointly with SNR (France) developed “Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor” which enhanced rotation detection capability up to 40 times the conventional product. It is another new product jointly developed with SNR, following “Hub bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor”.

NTN developed the rotary sensor integrated unit with bearings as a supportive product for rotational control of AC motors and electric control of industrial machineries, resulting in expansion of the product range of “Bearing with rotary sensor”. In addition, “Bearing with magnetic field leakage protection type rotary sensor” that was insusceptible to external magnetic field, was launched for user-friendliness. This time, “Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor” was developed utilizing SNR sensor technology, and it enables the rotational detection capability to be enhanced up to 40 times.

The SNR sensor is able to output rotation signals with high-resolution by appropriately treating detection signals in the integral circuit (IC), which are emitted from multiple magnetic sensors placed on the IC. The dimension of the IC for this sensor is 6mm × 7mm. By applying NTN's accumulated sensor-packaging technologies to the bearing, a compact configuration and approximately 40 times the high-resolution, compared with the conventional product, were made possible.

As a first step of commercialization, units capable of emitting two phase signals (A and B phases) of up to 1,280 pulses per revolution with a standard ball bearing (#6202: Equivalent to bore diameter Φ15mm and outer diameter Φ35mm) were developed.

NTN will be marketing this product in an effort to contribute to high-resolution of color copying machines and others, and energy saving of rotational control equipments.

[ Features ]

a. Integration of bearing and rotary sensor: Easy mounting and compact design
b. Pulse output per revolution of bearing: Max. 1,280 (40 times of conventional product)
[ Equivalent to approx. 0.3 degree in rotation angle per pulse (with #6202) ]
c. Possible to determine rotational direction

[ Contact ]

  Product innovation and intellectual property strategy dept. NTN Corporation
Tel: 06-6449-3602

[ Product appearance photo ]

Product appearance photo

Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor (Bearing: 6202)

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