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Development of “Electromechanical Brake System with Parking Brake”

Development of “Hub bearing for severe environment”

Development of “In-Wheel Motor System Concept” for Next Generation EVs

Development of “Deep Groove Ball Bearing for High Thrust Loads”

Development of 2 Types of “Elliptic Vibratory Parts Feeder” Combining High-Speed and Quietness

Development of “Monodrive Two-way Feeder with The Separation Mechanism for Tangled Springs”

Development of “Electric Actuator for Shift-by-wire”

Development of “Integrated Rotation Sensor Large Size Bearing”

“Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Small Controller” for Parts Feeder Released as a Series

Development of “Space-saving and High Performance Angular Contact Ball Bearings for Air Oil Lubrication” for Main Shaft of Machine Tools

Development of “ULTAGE Sealed Four row Tapered Roller Bearing” for Rolling Mill Roll-necks

“System for Rolling Bearing Design Optimization” to Drastically Reduce Design Time

Development of the Industry's First “IC Tag Integrated Bearing”

Development of “Hydrodynamic Twin Bearphite”

Development of “Low Torque Deep Groove Ball Bearing (without seal)” for Transmissions

Development of “Integrated Rotation Sensor Sliding Bearing” enables reliable and easy monitoring of rotation status

Development of “In-wheel Motor System”

Development of “In-wheel Motor System for Electric Commuters”

Development of “One Motor Type Electric Vehicle (EV) Drive System”

Development of “Steering System for Steer-by-Wire”

Development of the Industry's Highest Precision and Fastest Integrated Bearing Dynamic Analysis System (IBDAS)

Commercialization of “ULTAGE WA Type” Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing

Development of “Air Spindle for Ultra High-precision Machine Tools”

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