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Development of “High function cradle bearing” for disc brakes of large commercial vehicles

First new product developed by blending high technologies of SNR and NTN
Development of “Hub Bearings with High resolution rotational sensors”


Development of “Oil Feeding-free Chain Tensioner” for Timing Chains

Commercialization of “Rolling bearing in response to environment” reducing environmental impacts

Development of “Short Type Auto Tensioner for Auxiliary Belt” for Passenger Cars

Development of “Small Clutch Integrated Pulley” for Passenger Cars

Development of Environment-Responsive “Paper Reversing Unit for Office Machines”

Development of High-Temperature Long-Life Ball Bearing for Alternators

Development of new compact fixed type constant velocity joint [ CUJ ]

Development of “TFT Disconnection Repair Equipment”

Development of the world's highest speed thrust needle roller bearing

Development of New High Speed Bearing Unit (New RCT® Bearing) For Railroad Journal Applications

Development of "Force Sensor for Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment"

Development of a World Class "Ultra High Speed Sealed Angular Contact Ball Bearing" for Machine Tool Main Spindles

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