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Business Results for 1st Half of Fiscal Year 2008, Ended September 30, 2008 [Investors]

Fact Book for 1st Half of Fiscal Year 2008, Ended September 30, 2008 [Investors]

Financial Report for the 1st Half of Fiscal Year 2008 Ended September 30, 2008 (Consolidated) [Investors]

Development of ‘Air-Oil Lubrication High Speed Cylindrical Roller Bearing’ for Machine Tool Main Spindles, [News]

Development of ‘New Grease (MQGS) Lubrication Angular Contact Ball Bearing’ for machine tool main spindles, attaining the world's highest speed level under maintenance free and solid preload. [News]

Announcement of Changes of Representative Directors [Press Release]

Development of 'Long life ball screw' applicable to severe environments [News]

CSR Report 2008 uploaded [CSR]

Annual Report 2008 published [Investors]

‘Small Size Variable Frequency Controller’ for Parts Feeder [News]

Development of the Minimum Quantity and Cooling Lubrication (MQCJ) Method for Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Machine Tool Spindles [News]


French Offical Visits NTN [Press Release]

Opening of intra-company daycare center -- “BEAR Kid Land” [Press Release]

Supplementary material for the Results of the 1st Quarter of FY2008 [Investors]

Financial Report for the 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 2008 Ended June 30, 2008 (Consolidated) [Investors]

Development of “V series Angular Unit” [News]

Donation to Iwate and Miyagi inland earthquake victims [Press Release]

Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare awards prize to NTN for safety and health excellence [Press Release]

Development of “Low vibration bearing for CT scanner gantry” [News]

Development of “High Temperature Resin Pulley Unit for Auxiliary Equipment” [News]

Development of “High Magnetic Force Rubber Encoder for Wheel Rotation Sensors” [News]

NTN Provides Aid to Sichuan Earthquake Victims [Press Release]

Business Results for Fiscal Year 2007, Ended March 31, 2008 [Investors]

Fact Book for Fiscal Year 2007, Ended March 31, 2008 [Investors]

NTN Develops “World's Highest Load Capacity Tapered Roller Bearings with High Rigidity for Automotive Transmissions” [News]

NTN Expands European CVJ Business by Acquiring SETFORGE’s Crézancy Plant [Press Release]

NTN offers 3D Electronic Catalog for Machine Tool Bearings [News]

NTN to Increase Shareholding in SNR [Press Release]

Development of “MnS blended oil- impregnated sintered bearing ” [News]

NTN to Launch “Extra Large Size Precision XY Table” [News]

NTN Promotes CO2 Reduction Activities in NTN Group Employee Households [Press Release]

NTN Kinan Corporation Builds 2nd Plant [Press Release]

NTN Forms NTN HOUDATSU SHIMIZU CORPORATION for The Extra large size bearing [Press Release]

Development of “Energy Saving Light Weight Hub Bearing” [News]

Development of “Bearing with high-resolution rotary sensor” [News]


Establishment of joint venture for railroad bearings in China [Press Release]

Development of Mono Drive Two Way Feeder for Electronics [News]

Development of Non-Contact, Digital Angle Sensor Unit [News]

Delivery of Mass Produced Ball Screw Unit for Continuously Variable Valve Mechanism Has Begun [News]

Development of “Planetary Gear Assembly” for Automobile Transmissions [News]

Development of “Load Sensor Integrated Hub Bearing” [News]

New Series product group for low price small cars in BRICs markets and others
Development of constant velocity joint and hub joint as V series [Press Release]


New Series product for low price small cars in BRIC/LCC markets
Development of “V series constant velocity joint (CVJ)” [News]


New Series of product for low cost, small vehicles in BRIC and other markets
Development of “V series all-in-one type hub joint” [News]


New Series of product for low cost, small vehicles in BRIC and other markets
Development of “V series detachable type hub joint” [News]


NTN Develops a compact planetary roller screw type electric brake actuator [News]

Development of “High Efficiency Compact LJ” for Halfshafts [News]

Annual Report 2007 published [Investors]

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