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CSR Report 2007 uploaded [CSR]

Development of “High function cradle bearing” for disc brakes of large commercial vehicles [News]

First new product developed by blending high technologies of SNR and NTN
Development of “Hub Bearings with High resolution rotational sensors” [News]


Development of “Oil Feeding-free Chain Tensioner” for Timing Chains [News]

Commercialization of “Rolling bearing in response to environment” reducing environmental impacts [News]

Development of “Short Type Auto Tensioner for Auxiliary Belt” for Passenger Cars [News]

Business Results for Fiscal Year 2006, Ended March 31, 2007 [Investors]

Fact Book for Fiscal Year 2006, Ended March 31, 2007 [Investors]

Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2006, Ended March 31, 2007 (Consolidated) [Investors]

Development of “Small Clutch Integrated Pulley” for Passenger Cars [News]

Development of Environment-Responsive “Paper Reversing Unit for Office Machines” [News]

Development of High-Temperature Long-Life Ball Bearing for Alternators [News]

Development of new compact fixed type constant velocity joint [ CUJ ] [News]

Development of “TFT Disconnection Repair Equipment” [News]

Development of the world's highest speed thrust needle roller bearing [News]

Development of New High Speed Bearing Unit (New RCT® Bearing) For Railroad Journal Applications [News]

New Medium-term Business Plan -- “Growth through Creativity and Achievements21” [Press Release]

Financial Report for the 3rd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2006 Ended December 31,2006(Consolidated) [Investors]

Supplementary material for the Results of the 3rd Quarter of FY2006 [Investors]

NTN Enters 3rd-year Team Partner Agreement with Honda Racing F1 Team [Press Release]

NTN Creates New Joint Venture for CVJ Production in Alabama, USA [Press Release]

Development of "Force Sensor for Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment" [News]

NTN Creates New Joint Venture (NTN HAKUI CORPORATION) [Press Release]

Development of a World Class "Ultra High Speed Sealed Angular Contact Ball Bearing" for Machine Tool Main Spindles [News]

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