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NTN's New Automotive "FA Tapered Roller Bearings" Allow Bearing Sectional Areas 60% of Conventional Bearings [News]

NTN's New "FA Needle Roller Bearings" for Rocker Arms Provide Four Times the Service Life of Conventional Bearings [News]

NTN Develops Compact Reference Signal Sensor Bearing [News]

NTN Develops World's Lightest Super-Lightweight Gen3 Hub Bearing for Minicars [News]

Annual Report 2003 published[Investors]

Joint Company for the Production and Sales of Automotive Bearings in China [Press Release]

Second Joint Production Company Established in China for CVJs [Press Release]

Establishing Joint Production Company for Turning and Heat Treating in North America [Press Release]

Establishing Joint Production Company for Forged Products in North America [Press Release]

NTN and Nidec to Expand Fluid Dynamic Bearing Unit Business [Press Release]

Compact "Wide Angle Active Linkage Device" Offers Wide Range Of Operating Angles [News]

World's First Rib Repair System for Plasma Display Panels [News]

"New Ceramic Coated Insulated Bearings" for Wind Generators [News]

"Large-Size Precision XY Table" for Large Glass Substrate Plates [News]

"Super High Speed At Spindle" Attaches to Machining Center Spindle [News]

NTN achieves zero waste at all domestic locations[Press Release]

NTN expands its environmental management system to include its business partners[Press Release]

Land acquisition in Tado No. 2 Industrial Area[Press Release]

Compact - Lightweight Sliding Type "NTN BEAREE Slide Guide" [News]

NTN Strengthens Corporate Compliance on Laws, Internal Rules and Ethical Norms[Press Release]

Delivery of Third-generation Hub Bearings with Brake Rotor Commences[Press Release]

Streamlining Ball Screw Operations[Press Release]

Sharp Increase in Orders Received for "PTJ" Ultra-Low Vibration Joint[Press Release]

A Nationwide Full-service Bearing Distribution Company to be Established[Press Release]

NTN Receives "Resource Recycing Technology & System" Incentive Award[Press Release]

Early Retirement Scheme Introduced[Press Release]
(03/04/2003 )

Annual Report 2002 published[Investors]

Announcement: Application to Delist Stock[Press Release]

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